Jose Turcios

Jose Turcios is 30 years old, a native of Washington, DC, Salvadorian. He is originally from the Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan neighborhood. He is currently enrolled at The Goodwill Excel Center (GEC) and will graduate in July 2021. Jose has over 11 years of experience in the hospitality industry working many different job positions including server, bartender, and more. His most recent employment was at The Exchange, a restaurant downtown and across from GEC. Jose loves the hospitality industry because he has a passion for making sure people are happy and receiving excellent customer service. Jose left school in 2008 because of negative influences. He always knew he wanted to return to school and complete his high school diploma. In August 2019, Jose enrolled at GEC and felt that this was the perfect fit for him. With his job across the street from the school and a community that was welcoming and safe, Jose committed to finishing his high school journey.

Jose will finish his GEC journey virtually due to COVID and he has found the shift to the virtual space to be a great fit for him and his learning style. After graduation, Jose would like to explore opportunities in the IT industry. He says the pandemic has allowed him to see the necessity of the IT industry and the various roles and employment opportunities available. Additionally, Jose is very passionate about the Latino community in GEC. As someone who loves helping people, he wants to ensure there is always someone there to help those in need. He feels the District has changed a lot over the time and he has seen the Latino community disrupted by this. He wants to connect more adult students in the Latino community to GEC and the other opportunities that exist that they might not know about.

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