Dr. Ruth Turner
Lead STEM Instructor

Dr. Ruth Turner is the Lead STEM Instructor at the Goodwill Excel Center, DC. During her time in this position, she has led her team in the alignment of the foundational math curriculum to i-Ready standards and upper-level math and science curriculum to ACT standards. She has been a key motivator and implementer of the DC GEC culture of data driven instruction and decision making.

Dr. Turner conducted her doctoral research on teaching and tutoring strategies that promote construction of knowledge in non-traditional students. She applies her research and her personal experience of the challenges and motivations of being an adult learner, to coach her team of STEM teachers in their instructional practices. Dr. Turner’s professional mission is to make STEM content more cognitively accessible to an over-aged and under-credited student population. She carries out her mission by promoting her team to engage students thorough the use of novel approaches to learning and building effective student-teacher relationships. Through her work at GEC, Dr. Turner seeks to provide avenues to educational and career opportunities to students that earnestly wish to change their futures, but need the support of a non-traditional learning environment to be successful.