Dawn Rhodes, Office Manager
Dawn Rhodes
Senior Office Manager

Dawn Rhodes is the Senior Office Manager and one of the original members of The Washington DC, Goodwill Excel Center. Ms. Rhodes is at the Southwest 1201 Maryland Avenue Campus. As the Senior Office Manager, Ms. Rhodes has a great focus on recruitment and the Admissions and Enrollment process. She is a Native Washingtonian. Dawn’s professionalism and positive attitude has assisted GEC with enrolling over 1200 students since its inception in 1996. Over the course of her career in Office Management,  she has gained a wealth of experience managing teams, serving as the Executive Assistant to CEOs and Presidents of Architectural and Private Industry organizations, Event Planning, Office infrastructure and Customer Service training.

 Prior to The Goodwill Excel Center, Dawn served as the Office Manager for The British International School of Washington, The Medical Faculty Associates of George  Washington University. In an effort to strengthen the customer service of the organization, she was appointed to take part in the corporate restructuring through the Disney Institute, as a trainer for the organization, focusing on going the “Extra Mile”; developing measurable, observable goals to catapult The MFA, as a leader in the health care  industry.

Dawn’s ‘Exceeding the Expectation’ brand, love for GEC Students and passion for her community are the greatest joys in career.